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We pride ourselves on offering custom-built plans that suit our clients' brands of all sizes and industry. Though they may require a little tweaking to make sure all your needs are met, our plans come fully stocked with features that will ensure your success.

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The Phoenix Plan

Our most client-preferred plan is

the Phoenix Package.

Within the Phoenix Package, we'll take an in-depth look at every component of your brand and analyze its effectiveness. Like the phoenix, we'll break down your brand and rebuild it from the ground up to maximize its full potential.

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The Platinum Plan

Our second-most popular plan is

the Platinum Package.

Included is unlimited access to a bundle of your choosing from LRD's offered services, 24 hour customer service on weekdays, unlimited revisions, free expedited service on all projects, free consultations, blood, sweat, and tears. Think of it as trail mix, and you're just choosing your own ingredients.

Hardware Tools

The Utility Plan

Our more casual plan, the Utility Package, is recommended for enlisting us for services as needed.

The Utility Package is more budget-flexible and devised in an "as-needed" format for single projects or less than frequent needs.


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